Bear fruit

Mango is in season nowadays here in Guam as you see mango trees especially in the south bedecked with fruits ready for picking.

Divine Mercy Chaplet global solidarity May 18 and Sept. 13

The Australia and Oceana Prayer Initiative team led by its deputy coordinator Richard Hodoway from Melbourne, informs and invites Archbishop Michael Byrnes and the faithful of the Archdiocese of Agaña ...

Martyred Deacon

St. Stephen is, by our tradition, known as the “First Deacon” and the first Christian Martyr. 

The holy children of Fatima

One of the most prominent titles for the Blessed Virgin Mary is one awarded to her just within the last century.


A ship ran aground off the Italian coast in 2012 killing 32 people. The captain abandoned the ship.

The reality of the cross and the resurrection

The cross and the resurrection are opposite realities of life.

Head cloth

Verse seven from the 20th chapter of John left biblical scholars with a bit of a mystery. 

The humorous St. Philip Neri

Imagine being known for being the most humorous saint to ever live. St. Philip Neri currently holds this title.

What’s your identity?

People identify us in different perceptions and perspectives. Each of us is unique and unduplicated; even twins are not exactly the same, only identical. 

The wounds of H-O-P-E

God’s infinite mercy has four characteristics that give us H-O-P-E.

Safe Environment

Saint's Corner