Humility not about being polite, but accepting humiliation, pope says

Like a sprout, humility needs to be nourished so that the Holy Spirit may grow within all Christians, Pope Francis said.

Pope urges bishops to exercise authority as judges in annulments

A diocesan bishop is the sole judge in the streamlined process for handling marriage annulments, Pope Francis said.

Pope, USCCB president pray for victims of Egyptian mosque attack

Pope Francis led pilgrims in prayer for the victims of a bombing at a mosque in Egypt’s northern Sinai region.

Realizing today may be one’s last day changes how one lives, pope says

By Carol Glatz Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- It is not morbid to start each day understanding that it may be one’s last, Pope...

‘Invest in love,’ pope says on first World Day of the Poor

People have a basic choice in the way they live: either striving to build up treasures on earth or giving to others in order to gain heaven, Pope Francis said.

Pope: ‘Authority comes from good example, not having the best title’

Hypocrisy, like that of the scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ time, is not the only temptation that continues to plague religious communities, Pope Francis said. Pride also is a great danger.

Pope offers prayers for victims of Texas shooting

Calling the mass shooting in a Texas Baptist church Nov. 5 an “act of senseless violence,” Pope Francis asked the local Catholic archbishop to convey his condolences to the families of the victims and to the injured.

God created human beings to love and be loved, pope says

God’s “dream” for human beings is that they would know they are loved by him, that they would love him in return and that they would love one another, Pope Francis said.

Need for power and money is path of clericalism, pope says

Clericalism is a path taken by those who, unlike the good shepherd, concern themselves with money and power and not with people who are suffering and neglected, Pope Francis said.

Being Christian means being missionary, pope says

Catholics must make a real effort to share the Gospel with all people, fighting “the recurring temptation” that leads some to focus only on internal church matters or to be pessimistic about evangelization efforts, Pope Francis wrote.

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