Someone shared the story about a manager who challenged his employees during their beach party that whoever can swim across the crocodile-infested river will receive one million dollars cash, or if he/she won’t succeed, the next of kin will get it.

Through Mama Mary’s eyes

Our Church celebrates this upcoming Holy Week with extremely rich liturgy heightening with the Holy Triduum that gives us us no greater of an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the journey to the Cross and to revel in the hope that awaits the Resurrection.

St. Gemma, ‘the Gem of Christ’

A favorite saint for many young people is St. Gemma Galgani, also known as “The Gem of Christ” or the “Passion Flower.”

God’s mercy has no expiry date

Someone shared the story about a frog wanting to climb up to the top of the well to see the light, but the other frogs discouraged him shouting, “It’s impossible, forget about it, you won’t make it.” He climbed anyway and reached the top. How? Why? The frog was deaf.

Stop banging your head

There is an ad on TV and on the radio that says, “Lent will be much shorter now that we’re in town,” referring to a local fast food restaurant that specializes in fish.

The call to true repentance

People were surprised at Jesus’ comments about the fate of the people in the hands of Herod’s soldiers as well as those who died at the collapse of the tower of Siloam.

Lord, help me to forgive

There is a story of two holocaust survivors who meet when they are in the late eighties, and they are discussing their time together in a German concentration camp.

We are citizens of heaven

One of the most important and irrefutable documents that we possess is our U.S. passports.

Merry Christmas

Today, we got an early Christmas card announcing the birth of Jesus and exactly 9 months from today, we will be celebrating his birth on Christmas Day.

The Prodigal Son’s homecoming

It’s a delightful feeling to come home, especially after some time, for there’s no place like home.

Safe Environment

Saint's Corner