Committee pushes assassin’s sainthood

Seoul archdiocese’s Preparatory Committee for Beatification and Canonization held a symposium yesterday at the Catholic Center to discuss the possibility of canonizing a “Catholic...

Catholics, Protestants unite in prayer, but differences don’t disappear

Divided Christians can celebrate their common faith in Christ with beautiful prayer services, but that does not mean they leave aside all their differences.

Pope meets with clerical sex abuse victims in Germany

Pope Benedict XVI met with five victims of clerical sexual abuse in Germany, expressing his deep regret and the church's commitment to preventing such...

Trip analysis: In pope’s Germany, a test case for ‘new evangelization’

Pope Benedict XVI's four-day visit to Germany highlighted two closely connected challenges for the church: how to re-evangelize traditionally Christian countries in

Thai Catholics against “national threat” of corruption

Corruption is a threat to national security. It affects society, economy, politics and - simultaneously - undermines the ethical values that underpin the whole...

Self-control better than using pills, says ex-birth control believer

A former artificial birth control believer realized that exercising self control is the best way to prevent pregnancy than resorting to contraceptives.

Contraceptive use keeps husbands ‘from respecting wife’s equilibrium’ – NFP trainor

Contraceptive sex tends to lead to the woman’s being treated by the man as a mere source of selfish pleasure, with little or no...

Youth, Solons air opposition to RH Bill in youth rally

Several youth and pro-life groups together with nine young congressmen have expressed their opposition to the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill last Wednesday.

CBCP official hits plan to sue PAL workers

An official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines chided President Aquino’s warning to sue employees of Philippine Airlines for holding a strike...

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