Catholic School 6th Graders Pray, Play Together at Conference

6th Grade students from Guam's Catholic Schools discuss and reflect on different topics at the first-ever Archdiocese of Agana 6th Grade Family Conference. The event took place on February 21st at the Father Duenas Phoenix Center.

Realizing that our children continue to grow in a world that is often too ‘ungodly,’ seven of our Catholic Schools’ 6th Grade Counselors and Youth Mentors came together to plan a spiritual ‘counter-attack.’ After months of planning and reflecting, all 6th Grade Catholic School students were able to engage in our first-ever Archdiocese of Agana 6th Grade Family Conference.

This conference took place on Tuesday, February 21st at the Father Duenas Phoenix Center. During the conference, different topics were discussed and provided opportunities for reflection. Speakers included John Joseph Bautista who talked about Life, Infatuation, Friendship, and Exploitation, as well as Court representatives Joleen Respicio and Danielle Rosete.  Sr. Trinie Pangelinan, RSM, talked about being peacemakers in the world.  Lastly, keynote speaker W. Joy Lopez talked about safety in this digital age. Throughout the duration of the conference, students were able to ask questions, as well as share their thoughts on these issues.  After lunch, parents were welcomed and were able to share in the talks as well.

In addition, during morning break and lunch, students from all seven Catholic middle schools were able to engage in fellowship–making new friends and rekindling friendships of the past.  These Catholic middle schools included Bishop Baumgartner in Sinajana, Dominican in Yigo, Mount Carmel in Agat, San Vicente in Barrigada, St. Francis in Yona, Saint Anthony in Tamuning, and Santa Barbara in Dededo.

The day concluded with a closing prayer service, during which prayers formothers, father, and children present at this year’s Conference were offered.  In addition, holy water was distributed.  At that time, parents were able to bless their children in the presence of His Excellency Anthony S. Apuron, OFM Cap., DD.

At the beginning of our earthly lives, God created us and placed a heart in our bodies.  With that heart, the soul finds its home.  It is at that moment that our bodies are then animated… to work, to serve, to live.  Often times, however, our hearts get consumed with the things of the world… things like the noise of sin, the booming of temptation, and the deafening sound of evil all around us.

After a full school day of sharing, it was evident that the efforts of this conference were indeed effective and sincere.  It is our prayer that the 400+ students were able to gain much about being strong in this ever-changing world.  It is our hope that these students are faithful in all their decisions today and always.  Most importantly, it is with faith that these students are now re-energized… marching to the rhythm of the Church, and allowing the music in their hearts to be played by the greatest of all musicians…God.