Moms – God’s special gift to the family


By Roland A. Mondia
For U Matuna Si Yu’os


As families gather throughout our island parishes to celebrate Holy Mass this Sunday, we should also pause to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for the special gift that He has blessed all families with, the special gift of our moms.

I’m sure we can all recall the great experiences and important roles that our moms have had and continue to have in our lives. If there was ever a fitting reward or award that could be given to honor their untiring dedication to their families, perhaps our personal acknowledgement and gratitude expressed on this special day – Mother’s Day — will leave a lasting impression in their hearts.

As a son, son-in-law, and husband I have had the pleasure of witnessing, and experiencing firsthand the unique roles these special women have had in my life and those of my entire family. I’m sure that this is also true in other families, for we know that the origins of all moms are from God, and we know that when he created them, he saw that they were very good.

I must confess that I have witnessed Mom, my Mom-in-law and my wife in action so often performing all the things that moms typically do for their families. These are things that we consider second nature to them, so much so that many times we take their actions for granted. However, on this special day we attempt to acknowledge all our moms as we say:

Mom, for all the times you have gone out of your way to care for us when we were sick, Thank You Mom.   For all the times you came home tired from work and still took the time to prepare dinner for the family, Thank You Mom.  For all the times you helped us with our homework, even when you were feeling pooped from working all day, Thank You Mom. For the times that you listened to us groan about the problems we encountered at school or work, not complaining that you yourself may have experienced a hard day too, Thank You Mom.

And for all the times you reminded us that we should seek God first, so that our days will be blessed, Thank You Mom.  For your encouragement to be charitable and compassionate to others, Thank You Mom. For all the times that you put your children and husband first, even before yourself, Thank You Mom.  For all the times you were concerned for our safety and well-being while being away from home, Thank You Mom.

For being understanding, compassionate, gentle and forgiving whenever we make mistakes and make wrong choices in life, Thank You Mom.  For your constant encouragement to do the best we can at school, and to put in an honest day’s work, Thank You Mom.

For being there always, especially when it seems everyone else has abandoned us. Thank You Mom!

These are but a few in a long list of selfless acts that our moms have done for each of us in our lives. The most notable however, is placing concern for the needs of their families and even strangers before themselves.

Their actions surely emulate those of our Blessed Mother Mary, and are faithful to the gospel message that our Lord Jesus reveals in Sacred Scripture, namely the definition of true love. Jesus tells us, “No one has greater Love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (Jn 15:9-14)

By their actions, our moms are truly living out this gospel message.  We thank them for all they have done for us, and we pray that Our Almighty God continues to bless them abundantly in all their endeavors.

We Love You Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms.


Roland A. Mondia is a member of St. Francis Parish in Yona.