Archdiocese of Agaña Current Chancery Staffing


The Umatuna Si Yu’os continues its series depicting the finances of the -Archdiocese of Agaña, in -coordination with the Finance Office, Office of Communications and Office of the -Delegate General.

By Archdiocesan Staff

Under the leadership of Archbishop Michael Byrnes, the Archdiocese of Agaña has begun a journey toward becoming a more effective archdiocese operationally, spiritually and pastorally. Among many things, this means doing a better job of presenting information to the faithful.

Past issues of the Umatuna have provided information on the financial condition of our archdiocese, to include the Chancery’s operating budget, expenses and revenues. Today, we present information on Chancery staffing.

During these extraordinary times of financial difficulties, what is the Chancery doing to address budgetary constraints? 

The answer is something which our schools, parishes and Catholic organizations can certainly relate to, that is, “do more with less.”

Common in many workplaces, this means employees are hired for specific positions, but wear many hats. Like our archdiocesan parishes and schools, Chancery employees graciously take on multiple roles which make use of varying skillsets. They are open and willing to be cross-trained.

In Catholic dioceses throughout the world, the Chancery typically houses the offices of the bishop and other officials of the “Curia,”, which include a vicar general and chancellor. 

Catholic On-Line/Catholic Encyclopedia defines a Chancery in part, this way: “That branch of administration which handles all written documents used in the official government of a diocese. It is in the diocesan chancery that, under the direction of the bishop or his representative, all documents which concern the diocese are drawn up, copied, forwarded, and a record kept of all official writings expedited or received.

That is just one aspect of Chancery functions. Our Chancery encompasses six offices: Office of the Coadjutor Archbishop, Office of the Delegate General, Office of the Chancellor & Archivist, Finance Office, Office of Communications and the Office of Catholic Education. 

The current Chancery Office includes 23 paid personnel, who are either full-time or part-time, and 33 who are non-paid and part-time.  We are blessed to have priests, religious and laity who give of their time to serve in positions as administrators, staff, or as members of councils, in addition to their other obligations. 

Positions that are listed but not yet filled are the Media Sales Representative under the Office of Communications/Umatuna Si Yu’os, the Human Resource Coordinator under Finance Office, and a Catholic Education Aide for the Office of Catholic Education.

Examples of currently cross-trained staff are administrative assistants who perform  IT Support and HR Support functions. The Finance Office has also assumed all HR-related activity and in time the archdiocese hopes to have a Stewardship Director.

What’s next?

As a ship uses a compass to navigate, under the leadership of Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes, our archdiocese now has a new sense of direction. The vision is to operate differently, set higher standards and implement a variety of best practices to sustain an archdiocese that is both financially and administratively sound.

We are hoping that by renewing the focus of our archdiocese to include stewardship and development, we will generate a sustainable source of support for our programs, services and ministries.

Future issues of the Umatuna, will share initiatives taken, short-term and long-term projects, training and presentations that have been completed and scheduled for the fiscal year as part of our strategic planning.

We are grateful for everyone’s work, support and contribution as we take the difficulties and challenges of today and transform them to brighter days for our Church on Guam.

Data From Past Issues Online

Past issues of the Umatuna have provided information depicting the financial condition of our archdiocese, to include total assets, liabilities and net fund balance. The operating budget, expenses, projected expenditures and revenues of the Chancery were also shown. Parish and school assessments were discussed to include listings of the adjusted assessments for parishes and school. You can view the information on line by accessing at the Umatuna Si Yu’os website.