Faith-filled day awaits 2018 Catholic Men’s Conference attendees


By Deacon Dave Antonelli
For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

Dear brothers in Christ! This coming Jan. 20, 2018, our church will be -holding its Catholic Men’s Conference at the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica in Hagåtña.

Having attended a number of these over the years, I for one, can hardly wait. The conferences always provide a faith-filled day of inspiring talks, great food, and of course, some great comradery among the men gathered there. The day also offers a chance for confession and culminates with holy Mass. Our last conference in 2016 included a “father and son” ticket which will be offered again this year.

May I be so bold as to remind you just briefly here what a great gift our Catholic faith is to us. Consider the following: seriously, of all the gods and religions that have sprung up through the ages, and continue to, the Roman Catholic Church leads the way “full stop!” One: it is monotheistic (One God in three divine persons); two: it is the best cross-cultural religion for people to convert into as has been going on worldwide since its birth; three: it has supernatural backing, and still does (miracles and the like); and four: its founder is Jesus, who nearly all the remaining religions acknowledge as “special” and want “a piece of,” so to speak, to be able to hold up to any converts they are constantly seeking to join their move.

And, of course, our Roman Catholic Church is the only one that is open daily, allowing us to live our faith to the fullest, offering Masses, with the Word (Bible), and holy Communion (Christ living among us); while all others just open for a couple hours a week.

Obviously, there is nothing else to compare it with for those who desire to live their faith fully on earth. So, let us come together with this conference and truly celebrate this unmatched gift of our church with our sons and brothers in Christ here on Guam.

Actually, it is sad to say, these Catholic Men’s Conferences are too far and few between as our secular world puts so many demands on us (and our sons and daughters), to make financial ends meet.

Considering this factor, we are keeping the cost for the day at only $10, and only $15 for a “father and son” ticket. Please let us know if this fee is a problem for you and yours, and we will consider on a case-by-case basis to waive it so you do not miss this once-in-a-year opportunity to fellowship with all of us brothers in Christ. See you there.