Marriage Prayer Crusade & Centennial of Our Lady of Fatima Apparitions


By Joe San Agustin
For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

Joined by other villagers, Catholic Faithful from Barrigada assembled at the San Vicente-San Roke Church at 11 am, last Saturday, March 18 for the national Traditional Marriage Prayer Crusade, which was held from New York to California at 11 am across each time zone. Guam, where America’s Day Begins, started the Prayer Crusade hours ahead of the mainland in tandem with the Centennial Celebration of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima (1917-2017).

The simple commemoration began with the enthronement of the statue of our Lady of Fatima with the three children to whom she appeared at Fatima – Francesco, Lucia, Jacinta – followed by prayers and litanies in honor of the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.  A short procession down to the church parking lot followed thereafter, where a canopy had been erected where the Faithful continued their rosary and prayers.

Besides their show of reverence to Mary and Joseph, the Faithful also demonstrated their support of the true definition of marriage as between “one-man-and-one-woman.” The official banner and signs did not arrive on time from the States for public display, but the message was made clear by the Catholic laity who participated.

“This was an admirable display of peace and unity of purpose in honoring Our Lady of Fatima, and of standing up for the true definition of marriage,” said Juanita Cruz, who co-organized the event with Mae Ada, Candi Benavente, Joe San Agustin and others.

“Though I was not physically present at the Prayer Crusade due to ill health,” said Joe San Agustin, “I was with the Barrigada group in spirit, along with other supporters who were not able to make it. I was elated when our team reported the results of the Prayer Crusade to me. God be praised!” said San Agustin. 

The group thanks all those who participated in the Prayer Crusade, as others in the laity are simultaneously involved in catechetical studies, Bible studies, and other programs.

If rain is a sign of blessing, the group was doubly blessed as they huddled under umbrellas reciting their prayers and singing their hymns.  After the Prayer Crusade, many headed down south for the Patronicion San Jose in Inarajan.

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