Office of Catholic Education trainings to foster cohesiveness


By Umatuna Si Yu’os Staff

As part of fulfilling the purpose of the Breaking Bread meetings, the Office of Catholic Education continues to pave the way for improvement and cohesiveness, not only within the office and the catholic schools, but also in conjunction with the Guam Department of Education (GDOE).

The Office of Catholic Education is the Local Educational Agency (LEA) for the Catholic schools on Guam. As the LEA district, the office is required by the GDOE federal programs to hold annual trainings for liaisons to ensure compliance with the policies stated below.

On Oct. 25, 2017, the Office of Catholic Education’s administrative assistant to the superintendent Beatrice Reyes conducted a training for the various schools’ designated textbook liaisons.

This training was meant to assist liaisons in understanding the policies that control the management of textbooks, the assessment of fines for lost and damaged textbooks, and the process of surveying the textbooks as well as the roles and responsibilities of the respective liaison of each school.

In addition to the textbook training, representatives from the Property Management Office of the Guam Department of Education conducted a training on Nov. 8, 2017 regarding fixed asset management and the Munis fixed asset database.

This training provided a brief overview of SOP#: 200-019 Fix Asset Management for Schools and Divisions which is a written plan for fix assets designed to provide an accurate and complete inventory management system under the requirements of local and federal regulations, which allow school administrators to properly account for all fixed assets procured by GDOE.

The training also provided a brief overview of the Munis fixed asset database, and helped participants understand how to look up fixed assets, export information into Excel, and generate an inventory report.

As more developments happen, more Breaking Bread meetings will occur to foster the progress among the schools in their relationship and work with one another as well as with GDOE federal programs.