San Vicente Parish holds its fourth annual post-confirmation camp

Some participants from the post-confirmation youth camp of San Vicente & San Roke Catholic Church in Barrigada held on Dec. 27 to 30, 2017 at the Malojloj Retreat Center pose for a photo in their costumes for play a based on “Bariona, or, the Son of Thunder.” (USY Photo / Audrey and Mario Borg)

By Mario and Audrey Borg
For Umatuna Si Yu’os

This year’s theme for the post-confirmation youth camp of San Vicente & San Roke parish, Barrigada was “Abraham: Father of Faith.” Over 50 teenagers, up to 18 years old, participated in the camp which was held from Dec. 27 to 30, 2017; at the Malojloj Retreat Center, under the supervision of a dedicated team of “godparent” couples and a CCD teacher.

Post-confirmation saw its beginnings at San Vicente & San Roke Catholic Church in 2014. It is a pastoral program that follows adolescents until they graduate from high school led by volunteer godparent couples who are rediscovering and strengthening their faith.

As a highlight of post-confirmation, the camp was much anticipated. A lot of planning and effort goes into the preparation for such an event which was made possible only through the generosity and hard work of many volunteers and benefactors of the parish.

Retreat participants of the San Vicente & San Roke parish play their instruments at the Malojloj Retreat Center courtyard during their post-confirmation youth camp. (USY Photo / Audrey and Mario Borg)

The camp opened with a beautiful open-air celebration of the Word of God in the evening on the feast day of St. John the Apostle; offering the possibility of the reception of the sacrament of reconciliation. After dinner, the youth were divided into groups, each led by a group leader.

Many of the activities and games in store for the groups were centered on the chosen theme of Abraham. A workshop entailed the building of a tent on site and acting out a live skit on this important biblical figure, whom God called to “go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house” (Gen 12:1).

As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI reminds us, “We can say of the Christian faith, in line with the faith of Abraham, that no one simply finds it there as his possession. It never comes out of what we have ourselves. It breaks in from outside. That is still always the way. Nobody is born a Christian, not even in a Christian world and of Christian parents. Being a Christian can only ever happen as a new birth…”

Youth from the Barrigada parish build a tent as part of the activities of their camp retreat on Dec. 27-30, 2017 in Malojloj. (USY Photo / Audrey and Mario Borg)

Competitive games and other fun activities were intermingled with moments of deep prayer and reflection on serious topics that closely affect teenagers, such as bullying and the scourge of suicide on our beloved island.

A crew of young actors, mostly participants from the camp itself, performed a powerful rendition of the Nativity play “Bariona, Or, the Son of Thunder” to the delight of a captivated audience, under the starry sky which served as the perfect backdrop.   

The camp ended on midday Saturday, with lunch; after the celebration of a Eucharist of thanksgiving for an awesome experience lived together as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

We would like to thank Ms. Tricia Tenorio and Mr. Paul Fisher for their support in guiding us through the requirements of the newly installed Safe Environment Policies of the archdiocese.

Updated on January 28, 2018