AWE’S Inaugural Class

L-R: Sarita Herry, Arien Tok, Charlette M. Quitugua, Patty Pablo, Marshalla ChongGum, Florence T. Cruz, Remedios Tenorio, Jessica Cabrera, Anita Pinaula, and Cathy Tydingco. Participants not in the photo are: Mia-Nichole Borja, Mary Kepwe, Lourdes Sablan, Tonia Era, Fannery Ekinto, Susan deDios and Chaunette Wells. (Photo courtesy of AOLG)

While the Academy of Our Lady of Guam improves the quality of education it provides for its own female student population, the Academy is equally concerned about the growing number of adult women in our community without a high school diploma and who need to financially support themselves.  Moved by the statistics,   the Academy, partnering with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, and Coast 360 Federal Credit Union, launched Guam’s first educational and training program for disadvantaged adult women, called AWE (“Advancing Women Educationally”).   Guam Community College provides the assessment testing, final testing and issues the GED Certificate upon successful completion.

Members of AWE’s inaugural class gathered on their very first day on November 5th with mixed emotions, reacquainting themselves to a classroom environment which has been absent in their lives for many years.  According to Sister Francis Jerome Cruz, President of the Academy, “AWE is living out the Sisters of Mercy charism of empowering women to be self-sustaining by providing them with the tools for improvement.

She added: “These AWE students who have committed themselves to their education should be an inspiration to all of us.”

“Knowledge is power; learning is perpetual,” says Marilyn Megofna (’63), AWE’s Program Administrator.  This program ends on March 17, 2012 while a new program is planned to begin in mid-January, 2012.  Interested women can apply via the AOLG Website: or contact Marilyn Megofna at

734-7407 or email: .