MCS students explore creativity and ideas at annual science fair


By Zion Leon Guerrero
Umatuna Si Yu’os

At the beginning of every school year, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School, or Mount Carmel School (MCS), announces their annual campus wide science fair. Each student has from that time to around mid-school year to come up with a project to showcase what they have learned through their research. To make the process easy, teachers and staff of MCS usually assign a theme for the students. However, this year, they decided to leave space for creativity and not assign a limiting theme.

As the idea to leave space for creativity was pitched, the results prove successful. Students explored ideas and theories behind chemical reactions, gravity, cause and effects, magnetic fields, recycling, homemade energy, and more.

MCS awarded prizes for the top three winners. Coming in at third place, receiving a Casio keyboard piano, was seventh grader Bukahri Jones. Taking home a Yamaha acoustic guitar was seventh grader Veronique Pong with second place for her “Veronique and the Bean Sprout” project. Winning the top award at first place was Bas Schils of the eighth grade with his project that measured the amount of microplastics that could be found in Guam’s beach sand. Schils takes home first place with a Yamaha Gigmaker electric guitar and amplifier.

After winning the schoolwide science fair, the top three winners are given a chance to compete island wide at the University of Guam science expo. According to MCS principal Bill Sarmiento, the school averages at least one island wide winner every year. This is something that the school is proud of and will continue to hope for in future science fairs.