Pi Day celebration for SBCS Spartans


For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

Mar. 14 turned out to be more than just a regular day at Santa Barbara Catholic School as students celebrated Pi Day. The Math Department led by Mrs. Maricon Gozum planned a day of fun and educational Math activities carnival-style like “Aim for Pi,” “Draw the perfect circle,” “The Value of Pi,” “Words with Pi,” “Wishing Well,”  “Guesstimate,” – where students put their estimation skills to the test – “Round n’ Round with Hula Hoops” and more! Students collected tickets in exchange for prizes or a “Pi Cake” (pancakes).

“I am so glad we celebrated Pi Day because we had time to loosen up and have fun with our friends,” Bea from fifth grade said. “My favorites were the prizes and pancakes!” shared Maven from sixth grade.

Santa Barbara Catholic School is the only -Catholic school on island that offers Honors Math for seventh and eighth grade.