SBCS presents ‘In Transit,’ a Christmas Musical


For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

Santa Barbara Catholic School presented its annual Christmas production entitled “In Transit” on Dec. 13 and 14 at the Santa Barbara Catholic School Petrie Gym.

The play was written by Mr. Julius Sotomayor Cena, directed by Ms. Joyce Guevara with musical direction by Ms. Tara Franquez.

“In Transit” told the story of “seven passengers who are trying to get to their destinations on Christmas Eve but get stranded at the airport when their flight is unexpectedly delayed. Their paths inevitably cross as they face their differences while they unknowingly string human connections.”

SBCS students gave life to diverse characters including Mr. Alfredo, an older man who was illiterate and traveling for the first time to surprise his daughter and hopefully heal their fractured relationships.

SBCS students portraying a diverse cast of characters finding their way in life this Christmas season. USY photo / courtesy of SBCS)

Also included are Mr. Kranke, a cynical, workaholic businessman who left his family for a business trip; and Derrick, a disenfranchised young man trying to leave the island to seek new and better things.

Alison, a young girl at 12-13 years old, was being sent by her parents to see her grandparents and needed to be accompanied by a chaperone who she tried instead to escape.

There was also Benjamin, age 30, a military man about to propose to the love of his life but instead got deployed to Texas.

Gi was an aspiring musician who wanted to audition for U.S. Got Voices but her ukulele strings snapped before the flight.

SBCS K4 students with their rendition of “Jingle, Jingle, Hear the Sleigh Bells.” (USY photo / courtesy of SBCS)

Finally, there’s Nikki, your perky barista who spent eight Christmases working at the airport coffee shop, but was still excited to work this year. She, with her positive and bubbly outlook in life, unwittingly impacts the lives of the other characters, and together they all continue on with life’s journey changed.

Scenes from these characters’ interactions were interspersed with lively musical and dance performances by each grade level. The songs and dances reflect or heighten each character’s experience.

Eighth graders played “The Little Drummer Boy” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” using handbells while the SBCS Honor Choir wowed with their renditions of Christmas favorites. For the finale, the entire cast and company was accompanied by The Guam Territorial Band.