SBCS spring play, ‘Curtain Call,’ a success


For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

Santa Barbara Catholic School (SBCS) recently presented an original play written by Mr. Julius Cena dubbed “Curtain Call.” The play, under the direction of SBCS faculty Mrs. Joyce Guevara with musical direction by SBCS Music teacher Mrs. Tara Franquez, was staged on Apr. 4, 5, 11, and 12 in the school’s Petrie Gymnasium. Curtain Call, followed the journey of Ana, an aspiring stage actress. She was joined by a colorful cast of characters, and along the way experienced unexpected adventures in her quest for stardom. The talented cast and ensemble, together with the rest of the classes, sang and danced to popular show tunes which had some of the audience singing along at times, too.

In addition to the successful evening performances, a matinee show was held on Apr. 11 so students from both public and private schools could also come and enjoy the show. Clients of Guma San Jose were also invited to watch one of the matinee shows. As part of the school’s yearly “Quarter Quest” outreach, students from the fourth & fifth grade classes visited with guests from Guma San Jose after the show. They handed out cards, gift bags, and even burst into an impromptu song and dance of their part in the play to entertain the group. Guma San Jose manager Mr. Michael Suzuki was also in attendance.

The performing arts has always been an important aspect of life at SBCS. It gives students the chance to discover and hone their talents, and SBCS’ annual spring productions provide the space and stage for them to shine. Indeed, graduates of SBCS have gone on to successful appearances in musical productions here on-island and beyond.

SBCS is grateful to all the sponsors, parents, and friends for their continued support of the school in its work and mission and for ensuring the success of this year’s spring musical.