Academy’s ‘The Walking Nuns’ help needy in Hagåtña

For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

The Academy of Our Lady of Guam’s “Walking Nuns” were featured at the school’s Service Assembly held on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. This group of Academy students, under the supervision of Sister Dorothy Lettiere, help those in need on the streets of Hagåtña.

Since September 2016 with the guidance of Sister Dorothy, these students continue a tradition that dates back to the roadsides of Dublin, Ireland where the Sisters of the Mercy community walk the streets to serve the poor and less fortunate.

Club Advisor Sister Dorothy Lettiere, right, narrated the service they provide to the homeless in the spirit of Mother Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy Club members are shown with their cart of goods. (Photo courtesy of AOLG)

In the present day, during lunchtime one day each week, the RSM (Responding to the Spirit of Mercy) Club members emulate the early sisters in Dublin. The items shared with those who are poor and homeless come from the generosity of the entire Academy Family: administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students. This school year the donor base has grown and includes businesses who are encouraged to donate to this worthy cause.

At the Assembly, the Central Operations Department of the Bank of Guam donated four large boxes containing items such as portable water containers, soap, hand towels, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. Glori Guerrero and colleagues presented the donation to Sister Dorothy and the “Walking Nuns.” Glori Guerrero’s mother, Gloria Guerrero, was a secretary and nurse of the Academy in the past. Now, Glori’s daughter, Kaeliah, goes to the school. Glori, who had previously heard of the “Walking Nuns,” witnessed them walking on the streets of Hagåtña one day with their cart, passing out items. The Bank now generously supports the “Walking Nuns” in their endeavors to reach out to those in need.

Photos of the “Walking Nuns” service endeavors were shared and narrated by Sister Dorothy with those present at the Assembly. Two members of “Walking Nuns,” Stephanie Lorenzo and Kateri Santos, also gave testimonies of their experiences as “Walking Nuns.”

The Assembly closed with a prayer for those who are homeless. Kudos to the “Walking Nuns,” the Academy family, and those who support such a heartwarming service for those in need in Hagåtña.