Healthy Menu Labeling Pilot Project starts


On April 22, 2016, the Guam Department of Public Health & Social Services launched the Healthy Menu Labeling Pilot Project (HMLPP) at Pika’s Cafe.

The event brought together representatives from approximately 50 community participants such as the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association, Micronesian Chef Association, American Federation of Culinary Arts, Guam Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Consortium, Guam Diabetes Control Coalition and others.

The HMLPP, an initiative of the Racial and Ethnic Approach to Community Health (REACH) project under the Guam Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (GCCCP), aims to increase awareness regarding the nutrition content of food from restaurants and food establishments.

For year one, three restaurants (Pika’s Café, Jamaican Grill and Pacific Star Café) agreed to pilot this project and submitted 10 menu items suggested as healthy. Sodium, total fat and total cholesterol content were identified in these food items by a licensed nutritionist. Food items meeting these indicators (per the Recommended Daily Intake, RDI) will have a Green Apple Live Healthy Guam sticker beside its name on menus.

Restaurants can opt to work with the nutritionist to modify food items to pass as a healthier choice.

Participants were inspired to improve their health nutrition promotion. Pika’s Café’s owners Lenny Fejeran and Pika Fejeran feature organic food items and mostly locally grown produce.

Chef Leland Feng and Human Resources Director Katherine Dote of Pacific Star Resort & Spa are creating a healthy corner of their buffet containing only healthy food entrees.

Jamaican Grill representative Chef Clay Wai, a cancer survivor and preventive health advocate, presents motivational talks about the importance of healthy eating habits. All of these restaurant partners plan to continue supporting the HMLPP and are committed to sustain the project for healthier eating on Guam.

Information provided in a news release.

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