‘Papa,’ a Palm Sunday tribute


By Timothy S. Mimae
For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

My grandpa, Ildefonso Santos, is the most hardworking person I know. Day in and day out, he’s making something for the house, for us, his family, or for other people. Whenever there’s a religious event coming up such as Lent, Advent, Christmas, Easter, etc., he goes into “overtime.”

A recent example is his simple sacrifice of preparing the palms for Palm Sunday to give away to others. It has been a tradition since my mom’s time as a child, and it continues to this day.

My family grew up very close to church, specifically right behind the church. In our hometown Betis, Guagua, Philippines, catholic values and cultures are very apparent. My grandpa’s wish is trying to bring that type of culture here to Guam, for the youth to experience and live out their faith.

Timothy is a member of CFC-Youth For Christ and is currently a high school sophomore.