Catholic schools prepare for first few weeks of the school year


By John Michael D. Pineda
Umatuna Si Yu’os

Summer has officially ended, at least for some students and teachers. The hustle and bustle of many children and parents will soon begin as school year 2017-2018 is fast approaching.

Within the month of August, faculty and staff will be conducting meetings, workshops, retreats, and orientations. Returning students in our island’s public and private schools will have their “First Day of School” experiences, while some parents will have first-time encounters of taking their young children to nursery school or kindergarten.

Just a little over 3 weeks since the start of the Year of Reparation, while parents, students, administrators, faculty, and staff get “back to normal,” it has been quite a revelation and change of pace for many of our faithful since the announcement and report of the Archdiocesan Finance Council on July 11, 2017 about the church’s costs of operations and assessments.

As previously reported in the Umatuna Si Yu’os, Archbishop Michael Byrnes expressed that there were many standards and policies that were lacking or missing regarding the operations of the archdiocese, “What was happening is no longer acceptable here.”

With the commitment from Archbishop Byrnes that “The Church of Guam deserves an open and transparent profile and it deserves a chancery and an archdiocese that works at the highest level of effectiveness that we can,” the 26 parishes and 14 schools would operate within the archdiocese and with the Chancery as One Body united in Christ.

Each school would have an annual fee of $25 per student to cover operating costs of the Office of Catholic Education in the Chancery, including the superintendent’s office. The schools would also have a $12 per student monthly fee which is projected to help increase revenue for the Chancery’s operations.

As excitement heightens among students, teachers, and parents alike, we remember the saying of the patron saint of Catholic education establishments, St. Thomas Aquinas, “If, then, you are looking for the way by which you should go, take Christ, because He Himself is the way.”

Schedule provided by the Office of Catholic Education; the dates and events are subject to change. More information on events is available from the respective schools.