Catholics on the Move interview Archbishop Byrnes

Catholics on the Move (COTM) television interviewed Archbishop Michael Byrnes on Friday, June 2 as part of its work to shine the good news of our Church to the masses. Here, Archbishop Byrnes preps for the interview as COTM staff fine-tune lighting and other details. L-R: Archbishop Byrnes, COTM co-founder/producer Therese Matanane, COTM assistant Brenna Rodriguez, and co-founder/producer Fred Rodriguez. COTM is supported by a grant by SIGNIS, the World Catholic Assn. for Communication and the Pontifical Mission Society for the Propagation of the Faith. COTM plans to air the interview on its GTA Channnel 25 as part of Greenlight Media. (Umatuna photo by Tony C. Diaz/
Catholics on the Move co-founder/producer Therese Matanane, left, and assistant Brenna Rodriguez, man the camera during the interview of Archbishop Byrnes. (Umatuna photo by Tony C. Diaz/