CFC-Guam’s Kids For Christ begins with ‘Junior Kids’ Day’


By Doris B. Patindol
For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

The “Kids For Christ Junior Kids’ Day” formally welcomed 14 children to the Kids For Christ (KFC) ministry of Couples for Christ-Guam (CFC-Guam).

The children, ages 4 to 8 years old, of non-member and member parents of CFC-Guam were treated to the four-hour activity that was held on August 5 at the Santa Barbara Catholic Church Lower Parish Hall in Dededo. The Household KFC Coordinators, along with members of CFC-Guam’s Youth For Christ and Singles For Christ, spearheaded the activity.

The children had “Fun, Friendship, Faith and Freedom.” The “Fun” through activities gave excitement and enjoyable moments of singing, play time, and games with other children. The “Friendship” was the opportunity for these little children to build strong friendships with one another and with the older brothers and sisters in the CFC Community. “Faith” was key in all activities that geared towards their relationship and journeying their childhood experience with God. “Freedom” for a few hours from their parents let them express their thoughts, emotions, and talents.

Couples For Christ members Ariane & Richard Nartia pose with their three children in a “Family Photo Frame” at the Kids For Christ Junior Kids’ Day on August 5, 2017 at the Dededo Parish. (Photo courtesy of Ariane Nartia)

The children were taught Kids For Christ action songs, had lots of fun through games and, most of all, listened and participated through each session activity as follows:

Session 1: God Made Me Special Because He Loves Me – with a hand-painting activity and processing by letting the child identify his/her hand and made him/her know that each has his/her own hand that made him or her special;

Session 2: Jesus is My Best Friend – with storytelling of four stories about Jesus and a Cross bracelet-making activity, a symbol of friendship between the child and Jesus; and

Session 3: Jesus Wants Me to Make Others Happy – with a bubble-making activity, the children learned happiness as they played with the bubbles making others happy. The facilitator said both good and bad things. The children were asked to blow only the bubbles every time the facilitator said the things that show being good to others.

The KFC Junior’s Day was held for the children to be introduced to community life, through the interactions with older brothers and sisters in the community and through the friendships they develop with other children. The activities were also meant to give the children a clear identity as Kids For Christ members, to help introduce family prayer time to the children (and their parents, if it has not been practiced at home).


The CFC-Guam Chapter strongly felt the need to have the ministry of Kids for Christ again since the community has lots of children who, in their growing years, should know and love God more.

With the guidance and direction of the CFC-Guam Governance Team and Family Ministries, preparations were made and the coordinators were identified. The CFC Center in the Philippines provided all briefing and information materials to conduct the KFC Junior Kids’ Day and the Senior Kids’ Camp (to be held from September 2 to 3, 2017) in Guam.

A month-long planning through series of meetings was conducted to be able to form the Overall Team Head, administrative/finance, logistics, and registration committees. The “Reach Out Christ to Kids” (ROCK) was formed to build a solid foundation of Prayer, Love, Obedience, Respect, Diligence, Generosity and Helpfulness to their everyday life and every people they meet, as they reach these core values to kids.

CFC believes that these very attributes are hoped for ROCK facilitators serving in KFC to acquire. The ROCK served as facilitators/speakers and were identified through the help of the YFC Couple Coordinator. The music ministry was also formed, consisting of YFC and SFC members.

The CFC-Guam Chapter with an “all out” generosity of the members were able to respond to God and the call of the children for their spiritual growth.