Future sponsor couples undergo training


‘Vocation is the way God is going to call love out of you’

By Anne Marie Rodriguez
Umatuna Si Yu’os

The Archdiocese of Agaña Sponsor Couple Program held its training series that started on Nov. 6, 2017 and scheduled for that week on Nov. 8 and 10 at the St. John Paul the Great Center for Evangelization at the Chancery Office in Hagåtña.

About 20 couples from the various villages of the island were in attendance in hope of becoming sponsor couples. Sponsor couples are tasked to help engaged couples and assist pastors in guiding the couples through their -marriage preparation.

Christine Rosario leads the icebreaker during the Sponsor Couple training where the couples introduce each other and their spouses and get acquainted with one another. Her husband, Richard Rosario, not shown, assisted her in the activity as a lead facilitator. (Photo by Anne Marie Rodriguez / amrodriguez@umatuna.org)

Frances Calvo, who, with husband Greg Calvo, were involved with the sponsor couple program since the ministry began in 1997, said that the program “is really about sharing your own lives with the engaged couple.”

Archbishop Michael Byrnes opened the training session on Nov. 6 with a prayer and a short introductory talk on the importance of the marriage vocation.

The archbishop said that our fundamental fault is selfishness. “We’re like little islands and that’s our biggest unhappiness. St. Thomas Aquinas said, ‘If you seek yourself, that’s what you’ll find’—and that’s a problem.

(Photo by Anne Marie Rodriguez / amrodriguez@umatuna.org)

“Vocation … it’s more than just something that you’re called to,” said the archbishop. “A vocation is the way God is [going to] call love out of you.”

The night continued with lead facilitators and sponsor couple Christine and Richard Rosario, leading an icebreaker where the couples-in-training introduced themselves and become acquainted with one another.

In addition to the guidance of Father Jeffrey San Nicolas, who is the spiritual director for the Sponsor Couples, the program use a book called, “For Better and for Ever” by Father Robert A. Ruhnke. It serves as a supplementary guide and resource for the preparation of Christian marriage.