Honoring Our Lady of Fatima

The International Centennial Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Fatima was located daily in different parishes on the island during its visit, as seen here at St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church on Sept. 2, 2017. (Photo by Tony Diaz / tony.diaz@archagana.org)

By Anne Marie Rodriguez
and John Michael D. Pineda
Umatuna Si Yu’os

Centennial Anniversary Rosary Rally for Our Lady
Oct. 14, 2017, Saturday, 9:15 a.m.
@ Cathedral Basilica in Hagåtña
Talk by Archbishop Byrnes
Rosary at Plaza de España

International Centennial Pilgrim Image

On Jan. 11, 2017, six statues of Our Lady of Fatima were blessed by Pope Francis and each statue was then called the “International Centennial Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Fatima.” In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, the Alliance of the Holy Family International (AHFI) and Human Life International – Austria (HLI-Austria) united in a mission to bring the centenary images to parishes in six different continents to encourage families to unite in devotion and prayer.

The primary focus of the pilgrimage is based on the appeal that the Blessed Virgin Mary communicated to the children at Fatima: penance and prayer.

Missionaries from the AHFI were tasked to accompany each blessed image of Our Lady in the various continents.

As part of the Asia-Oceania team, National Superior of the Oblate Apostles of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary’s Father Francis Tiquia MA., OATH, was joined by fellow missionaries Mother Superior of the Secular Institute of the Two Hearts, Deanna Crisologo, SITH, Brother Benignus Dooley, OATH, and Brother Louie Diente, OATH.

Our Lady also brought along with her the faithful Sisters Rachele Moral, SITH, Roella Pura, SITH, and Michele Perez, SITH.

These devoted servants of God journeyed across the East Asian region to fulfill the goal of Our Lady’s urgent appeal to penance and prayer for the whole world.

ICPI visits Guam

The International Centennial Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Fatima (nicknamed ICPI by the missionaries) visited Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines before finally gracing our beautiful island home beginning Aug. 22 and then making Her way to Singapore early Sept. 10.

The missionaries pulled out all the stops to ensure that Our Lady could visit all 26 parishes in the short amount of time she was here. Our Lady was even able to make visits to Dominican Catholic School in Yigo and St. Francis Catholic School in Yoña, as well as the Governor’s House in Adelup.

A strong advocate of the devotion to the Two Hearts, Father Tiquia also delivered a series of talks about the Alliance at the Our Lady of Purification Catholic Church in Maina, the Assumption of Our Lady in Piti, San Dimas Catholic Church in Merizo, along with the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica.

With topics such as, “Eucharist and Mary” and “Two Hearts and Fatima,” drawing inspiration from Our Lady, Father Tiquia shared profound wisdom while charming the congregation with his witty humor.

Hundreds of devotees from the different villages flocked to venerate Our Lady as she traveled from parish to parish from the very moment she arrived. The local community, maintaining its famous island hospitality, was more than willing to open its arms to Our Lady’s visit.

Public Square Prayer Rallies

Leading the island, as “Rally Captains,” in the preparation for the celebration of 100 years of Our Lady at Fatima were two of our very own local devotees, Marylou San Agustin of the Our Lady of Peace and Safe Journey parish in Chalan Pågo and Candy Benavente of the San Vicente Ferrer & San Roke parish in Barrigada.

Since March, Benavente along with Juanita Cruz, Mae Ada, Joe San Agustin and others, organized a Traditional Marriage Prayer Crusade in tandem with the Centennial Celebration of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima. From then on, public prayer rallies had been held at the Barrigada parish parking lot.

San Agustin, member of both the Christian Mothers and Catholic Daughters, has been coordinating with various people to hold the public prayer rallies since May at the Plaza de España in Hagåtña after months of planning.

Other Marian devotees, Marilu Martinez and Teri Untalan, have also joined in efforts to commemorate the centennial celebration of Our Lady by their “Focus on Fatima” editorial series on the Umatuna Si Yu’os. The articles of the series present nuggets of information about Our Lady and the Fatima miracles during a year-long celebration. The series will be ongoing for the rest of the year, according to Martinez.

Centennial Anniversary Rosary Rally

In honor of the Centenary of Her apparitions at Fatima, the Anniversary Rosary Rally will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14 in Hagåtña, starting at 9:15 a.m. with a talk by Archbishop Michael Byrnes in the Cathedral followed by a short procession to the Plaza de España where the holy Rosary will be prayed along with singing of hymns to Our Blessed Virgin Mary.

All are encouraged to bring a stem of flower for Our Lady and an umbrella in case of rain. For more information, please contact Marylou Agustin at 483-1358 or Rufina Mendiola at 688-4327.