‘My God and my All,’ Sister Mary Angelica Perez, RSM, laid to rest

The Religious Sisters of Mercy escort the body of Sister Mary Angelica Perez, RSM, into the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica as she is welcomed in before the public viewing preceding the funeral Mass at 12 noon. (Photo by Dottie Briola)

By Zion-Joseph Leon Guerrero
Umatuna Si  Yu’os

With Sister Mary Angelica’s motto as “My God and my All,” many can attest to just how much she applied that to her life. Her nephew, Gregory G. Perez, recalls her as being a “radiant light of Christ” to their family. She served both the church and her home with great strength, despite her limitations. Sister Mary Angelica was considered a bridgeway to Christ when storms passed in her family. Perez continues to recall her as tender and compassionate, but with stern hands. She was a matriarch, always serving as God’s mercy and love to her family.

The same was expressed when talking to her fellow Religious Sisters of Mercy, Sister Seville Cabuhat. She says that Sister Mary Angelica was gentle with a compassionate touch, always patient and kind. She recalls when she first saw Sister Mary Angelica at a Mass at St. Anthony Catholic Church. There, Sister Mary Angelica was directing the St. Anthony Catholic School choir. At that moment, Sister Seville knew that she wanted to join Sister Mary Angelica as a fellow Religious Sister of Mercy.

Guam Mercy Sisters administrator Sister Marian Arroyo, RSM, also a former student of Sister Mary Angelica, recalls her younger years with Sister Mary Angelica. She was her fifth grade piano teacher and her seventh grade homeroom instructor at Cathedral Grade School. Sister Marian remembers Sister Mary Angelica as someone with “bottomless patience, especially with the piano students. She took the time and effort with compassion, and she taught her students everything she knew. Sister Mary Angelica was also “deeply spiritual,” in tune with the Holy Spirit, said Sister Marian. So much so, that despite her limitations and complications, she made God the center of her life.

The funeral Mass for Sister Mary Angelica Perez, RSM, was attended by family, friends, former students and colleagues, and her Mercy Sisters. She was laid to rest at Pigo Catholic Cemetery in Anigua.