Rebuilding St. Francis Catholic School in Yoña

Construction to the multi-purpose building of St. Francis Catholic School in Yoña is underway as a part of the process of building the school back up. (Photo courtesy of St. Francis Catholic School)
By Tony Rodriguez, Program Coordinator SFCS
For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

As told from the story of the Miracle of St. Francis at San Damiano, one day, while Francis was praying in a wayside church, in front of an ancient icon of Christ crucified, the image of Christ suddenly became alive and said to him, “Go and repair my Church, which you see is falling into ruin.”

According to Franciscan sources, this quote illustrates the story of God instructing St. Francis to repair His church; he initially thought God meant to rebuild the physical structure of the church in San Damiano. However, it was later revealed that God was referring principally to the Church which Christ purchased by his blood, as the Holy Spirit had made him understand.

Today St. Francis Catholic School is in the process, of rebuilding its walls, beginning with the multi-purpose building and eventually to extend into all the classrooms. One of several Catholic schools on island, servicing Pre-K3 through 8th grade, our school, located in Yoña, has been part of Guam’s Catholic identity for 68 years.

Very recently, there is fear of the school remaining to stay open. Some people believed that SFCS would open its doors for the last time at the end of last school year. However, under the leadership of the new school principal, Dr. Lisa Baza Cruz and the dedicated efforts of the vice principal, Mr. Tony Quitugua and the faithful faculty and staff, St. Francis Catholic School will continue its mission of serving its community through the enterprise of Catholic education.

For many who may not know the history of St. Francis Catholic School, the school was opened in September of 1949, under the administration of Fr. Cyril Lanheim, OFM Cap. Approximately 149 students filled the classrooms in this fledgling school. From grade 5 to 8 with the school’s first principal, Sr. Mary Eucharita, SSND.

St. Francis Catholic School students line up and head into the school building from the parking lot as seen here from the first week of school. (Photo courtesy of St. Francis Catholic School)

St. Francis School’s first “graduating class” was in 1950, and continues to serve residents of Guam. With the support of the community of Yoña, SFCS family, friends, and alumni, our school continues to remain open, with improvements on our campus while providing the quality academic and spiritual guidance to our students both now and in its future.

If you would like to assist St. Francis Catholic School or if you are an alumnus who would like to be added to our database, please contact our main office at 789-1270 or you can email us at: