SOS: Catholic radio station faces closure

Archdiocese issues ‘Save our Station’ call for KOLG


Message by AOA communications director

By Tony C. Diaz

Our Catholic radio station needs your help!

Like a dedicated friend who is always there in good times and bad, our archdiocesan radio station KOLG 90.9 FM has endured for 30 years.

“The Light of the Marianas” has been a blessing for many Catholics on Guam since its inception in February 1989. Surviving multiple super typhoons, aging, worn-out equipment, and making do for much of its lifespan primarily on the kindness of volunteers, KOLG has beamed uplifting songs, prayers, messages and programs reflecting the good news of Christ to listeners for the past three decades.

It has done so 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Suffering from a severe lack of funds and rising expenses however, the “Light of the Marianas” will shut down in a couple of months unless it receives a surge of support.

It’s hard to let a dear friend go.

With that in mind, and hearts full of prayers, the Archdiocese of Agaña is launching a “Save Our Station” campaign and putting out an “SOS” call for all Catholics and people of good faith.

There are many ways to help, but most immediately, as part of our “SOS” campaign, KOLG 90.9 FM seeks the following:

Donations and contributions

Underwriters (groups or individuals)

Persons to help with marketing and fundraising

Persons to help as volunteer announcers and deejays

Persons to help as volunteer programmers

Persons to help as volunteers with general and basic office duties

Meeting of “SOS” responders 12 noon Tuesday, Mar. 12.

We ask persons who can help in any of those ways to connect with us in several ways. The Office of Communications is facilitating a meeting of “SOS responders for 12 noon, Tuesday, Mar. 12 at the St. John Paul the Great Center for Evangelization at the Chancery.

If you wish to help as a volunteer, we’ll sign you up and coordinate schedules, paperwork, and any training that is needed. We’ll also welcome your help and input on fundraising ideas.

Even before that meeting, we welcome volunteers and contributors to already contact me – Tony Diaz – at the Office of Communications at 562-0065 to indicate how you’d like to help. Send an e-mail, if you prefer, to

Persons who want to donate to the “Save Our Station” campaign may drop off or mail their contributions to the Chancery at 196 B Cuesta San Ramon STE B., Hagatna, Guam. If writing a check, please make it out to “Archdiocese of Agana” and indicate “SOS, for KOLG radio.”

Please tune in to KOLG 90.9 FM itself – especially the “Why Do Catholics Do That?” program 7-8:30 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and read the Umatuna for more details.

Our dear friend KOLG has brought live Sunday Mass, the Rosary, the 3 o’clock Divine Mercy Prayer and Chaplet and much more comforting, spiritual programming to our homes and offices for 30 years. We appreciate your help.7