Three local seminarians accepted into St. Patrick’s in California


By Umatuna Si Yu’os Staff

After a series of exams and reviews, three seminarians from our archdiocese, William Mamangun, Ron Pangan, and Junee Valencia have made their way to Menlo Park in California to continue their journey of discernment to the priesthood.

With the guidance of Father Richard M. Kidd, Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Agaña, and support and prayers from the Catholic faithful, family, and friends, the three were officially accepted into St. Patrick’s Seminary and University in Menlo Park. They began their orientation this week.

Archbishop Michael Byrnes made the decision to send Mamangun, Pangan, and Valencia stateside to St. Patrick’s Seminary.

The three seminarians were all previously from the St. John Paul the Great Archdiocesan Seminary of Guam in Malojloj under the guidance of Father Romy Convocar. Pangan and Valencia studied at the Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Catholic Theological Institute for Oceania in the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yoña.

With the guidance of the Sulpician priests, St. Patrick’s Seminary and University began its history in 1898. The seminary continues to serve the Catholic Church by helping seminarians discern vocations to the priesthood.

The seminary has been a home to -seminarians who travel from throughout the West Coast and Pacific Rim for more than 118 years.

According to Father Kidd, St. Patrick’s Seminary has strong ties with the Archdiocese of Agaña and has been accepting local seminarians since the 1950’s.

The Umatuna Si Yu’os interviewed Father Richard on June 26, 2017.

Father Kidd was the last diocesan priest from our archdiocese who completed his studies at St. Patrick’s Seminary before he was ordained into the priesthood in 2013.

Because California is known for its remarkable cultural diversity, Father Kidd mentioned that it would be helpful for the seminarians to understand the cultural diversity that is also present on our island.

Father Kidd said one of the biggest struggles would be continuing to fund the tuition, books, and other school expenses of our seminarians.

In the August 6 issue of the Umatuna Si Yu’os, Father Kidd mentioned that it is not just the responsibility of the vocations director to encourage and recruit individuals but it is also the responsibility of the pastors, parishioners, family members, and friends of the individuals to promote and encourage.

Let us come together as One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church to continue to pray for and support our seminarians in any way that we can.