Don’t leave the boat


By Deacon Bill Hagen
For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

If you have ever spent any time around boats you will hear the phrase, “never leave the boat.” What that refers to is no matter the condition of the boat; as long as it is afloat, do not abandon it. This is mostly true about small boats not large ships like the Titanic which do sink.

There is a phrase, though seldom used which refers to “the boat of salvation.” For seafarers and those who live on or around the water, boats are indeed a source of salvation and one never leaves the boat as long as it is afloat as they often represent their only hope for life, but the boat of salvation can also refer to our faith. As long as we have faith, we have hope for salvation.

In Matthew and in Mark, the disciples were rowing their boat of faith across the Sea of Galilee, the sea of life, when a challenge to their faith started to blow. They were being tested and hindered in their ability to go forward, their faith was being threatened by high obstacles yet they continued to row against the challenges until they saw Jesus walking on the water toward them. As soon as they invited Jesus into their boat of faith they arrived safely at their destination.

Our faith is no different. There are times when we feel that our faith is failing us and that we are not getting the support we need to continue on with our journey. We think that we are about to be swamped by life and its obstacles, and all we want to do is just stop rowing. But like the disciples, we persevere until we can get a clear view of Jesus in our lives. It is by inviting Jesus into our boat of faith that our faith become stronger helping us reach our destination.