Music and union inspired by St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy


By Anne Marie Rodriguez
Umatuna Si Yu’os

Inspired by the Diary of Saint Faustina and the Divine Mercy, husband and wife, Annie and Rudolfo “Rudy” Que, worked together—with the help of Annie’s sister, Helen de Guzman, and pioneer of Chamorro music, Candy Naman—to create a beautiful Chamorro rendition of the “Chaplet of the Divine Mercy in Song” produced by Trish Short. Their CD is called “Chamorro Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.”

The CD also features “Yiniusan (Merciful Jesus, I Trust in You)” and a Chamorro version of “Were You There,” a 19th century classic hymn popularized by various artists – both by Candy Taman.

Annie and Rudy, while on a trip to Europe to celebrate their 45 years of marriage, were inspired to visit the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Kraków, Poland, which then sparked the inspiration to create the CD.

Annie shared that she truly believed that God intended for them to be together and said, “the Lord did put us together because [of] all the things we’re doing as a couple—we’re following God’s will.”

Together, they created an extension in their home in California to hold bible studies and coordinated with other couples to do the 2000 Hail Mary Devotion.

Driven by her strong faith and love for the Lord, she truly believes that she has been chosen by God to be His disciple.

“I never knew that he was going to use me,” said Annie when asked where the inspiration of the Chamorro translation of the “Divine Mercy in Song” came from.

The couple was also inspired to translate the song in Chamorro because they were aware of the strong devotion of the locals. “They have that natural, fervent religiosity … and they have a strong faith,” said Rudy, “and when they pray in their own dialect, it’s even deeper because it’s coming from the heart.”

Extremely passionate about her call to serve and evangelize, Annie also warned Christians who feel that they are chosen to be instruments of God to “be prepared to be persecuted,” reflecting on the situations that the children at Fatima faced. Annie said that the children were persecuted and made to seem like liars by government officials.

However, with immense love for the Lord, she stressed that we should put our trust in Him. “We don’t have to worry. If we worry, then God can’t take over.”

She mentioned the line in the Chaplet, “Have mercy on us and on the whole world” saying that to receive this mercy we must “go after” the Lord. In support of this command, she reflected on the scripture passage where Mary says “Yes” to God in bearing the Child Jesus.

“And it’s not personal when you pray that,” Rudy said as he reflected on the Chaplet of Divine Mercy prayers. “You are concerned about everybody else’s [salvation].”

The “Chamorro Chaplet of the Divine Mercy” is sold at the Padre Pio Gift Shop in Agaña, Chode Mart in Anigua, A&L Crafts in the Chamorro Village, and at the Chancery Office.

Annie and Rudy Que can be contacted at 649-1592.