Our Lady of Fatima and the “Errors of Russia”


Editor’s note – This is the latest in a monthly series on Our Lady of Fatima during the celebration of the 100-year anniversary.

By Teri Untalan
For Umatuna Si Yu’os

In the Blessed Virgin Mary’s appearances at Fatima to the children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco, she mentioned the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. This was stressed especially to Lucia in later visions after she had grown into adulthood.

Russia was the initial proponent of Communism and its ideologies were considered a threat to humanity by Our Mother and her Son. Why did the Blessed Mother seek the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart? Why was she so specific about this particular country?

Up to that point, Judeo Christianity formed the backbone of most of the civilized world; was the basis of most laws and the governments upholding them. Communism was taking hold in Russia and its teachings were breaking down all that Jesus and the Old Testament prophets had taught. Our Lady feared that Russia’s (communist) teachings would spread throughout the world.

If you doubt her fears, see if this list doesn’t ring true today:

Students are being taught the doctrine of evolution as scientific dogma.

Monuments to the Ten Commandments and the invocation of God (prayer) are forbidden in classrooms and public places.

A climate of “class struggle” permeates relationships between employers and employees, parents and children, political parties, as well as between rich and poor.

Today’s “one” society deprives man of his individuality; a real dictatorship of the media and of powerful lobbies imposes the adoption of “politically correct” behaviors and inhibits any reaction against unbridled permissiveness.

The adoption of egalitarian ideals which seeks to eliminate any inequality in society, church and family.

The right of property is being progressively eliminated by ever-growing tax burdens and outright condemnation.

Laws equating homosexual unions with marriage and promoting abortion and euthanasia are approved everywhere. Homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity are presented as normal, natural, and healthy. Choosing your gender is encouraged even among children.

Ever-growing State interference in children’s education and health care (mandatory vaccinations) depriving parents of the right of raising their children according to their own values.

Moral relativism in all aspects of society is rampant.

But beyond communism, Russia’s widespread error that has spread worldwide is abortion which was first legalized there in 1920.  Russia has held one of the highest per capita abortion rates in the world.

The Blessed Mother gave very specific instructions to Lucia about how the consecration of Russia was to take place. The Pope, along with all the bishops of the world, was to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Several popes have made consecrations. Pope Pius XII consecrated Russia but he did so without “all the bishops.” Pope Saint John Paul II twice consecrated “the whole world” to Our Lady, but did not specifically name Russia and again, without “all the bishops.” A commonly held belief is that the consecrations were performed too late and not in the proper form. Therefore, the chastisements warned about by Our Lady could not be stopped.

Whether or not this consecration has been fulfilled, we must continue our efforts to fully live the message of Fatima. Our Lady appealed to the children and to everyone for prayer, especially of the Rosary, and penance. A most effective form of penance in today’s climate is public prayer.

Public praying of the Rosary continues monthly, on the anniversary of the visions, at San Vicente Church in Barrigada and at the Plaza de España in Hagatña at 12 noon on the 13th of August and September.