What’s in a number?


SycamoreTreeHow many times have you heard read to you the Gospel narrative about the feeding of the multitude? Have you ever asked yourself: Was St. Matthew describing a historical event? Why was he so specific about the number of fishes and loaves of bread? And the number of baskets of fish and bread left over after the crowd had been fed? Has anyone explained why Our Lord performed this miraculous multiplication of loaves and fishes? Was He simply feeding the crowd so they would not faint on their way home? Why did He make such an abundance of food that there were twelve baskets full after everyone had eaten? Our Lord fed the crowd with two fishes and five loaves of bread. Two plus five equals seven. Seven what? Days of the week? Capitol Sins? Virtues? Why not the Seven Sacraments? Two essential Sacraments – Baptism: to make us Christians, and Confirmation: to strengthen us for our struggle on our way ‘home’ to Heaven. Not all seven Sacraments
are necessary for all people for Salvation; but they are life sustaining for the soul. And the twelve baskets of loaves and fishes that remained? Did St. Matthew mean the Twelve Apostles who Our Lord commissioned to provide all Seven Sacraments to all the people so we would not faint on our journey of Life until we reach our heavenly ‘home?’ Our Priests are today’s Apostles providing God’s lifegiving food. May we be grateful. View from the Sycamore Tree is written by longtime Guam Catholic Dan Bradley, Sr. under the pen name, “Zacchaeus”. What’s in a number?