Wise men still seek him


By Marilu D. Martinez, Catholic Pro-life Committee
For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

“Wise men still seek him!” Have you ever seen Christmas cards with that claim on the front?

I thought about what that statement may mean today. Who were these wise men then, and who are the wise men of today who continue to seek him?

It’s obvious who it is the wise men from the Bible story sought – it was Christ, as history reveals.  The wise men were learned men. Some say they were astrologers of the time, or kings in their own right – and were gentiles, at that! Nevertheless, they were inspired by God the Holy Spirit, to seek out the Savior using the star from the East as their guide.

In their travel and search, the wise men stopped by Jerusalem to get more information about this child who was touted to one day rule over a kingdom of his own. This child was destined to be a powerful ruler.

As the biblical story goes, Herod heard about who these wise men from the East were searching for and Herod – fearing that his kingship and power might one day be usurped by this child – then deceived and convinced the wise men to let him know where it is they finally would find this child because (Herod claimed) he, too wanted to pay homage and honor to this future King of kings, Lord of lords of the Jewish people.

When they reached their destination, the three wise men found that this King of kings who they sought; the king who they then bowed down to and worshiped, paid homage to and honored with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh was a little, innocent baby – hardly one, in his state, who could present a danger to Herod.

Just as they were inspired to seek and use the star of the East to find this Child King, the wise men also were warned not to go back to Herod and instead, took a different route back.  An angel warned Joseph about Herod’s plans so he and Mary along with the Child Jesus, fled from Bethlehem.

Herod’s response upon learning that he was deluded by the wise men, was to order the death of all first born male in Bethlehem; thus, the story of the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt, eluding the massacre of the Holy Innocents – which we remember on Dec. 28.

Wow! The wise men recognizing the evil of Herod’s intentions, saved the Christ Child’s life! The wise men, therefore, were the first pro-life advocates, weren’t they!

These wise men recognized these simple facts: the little baby may be the future and powerful King of kings, The Lord of lords and the king of the Jewish nation; but right now, he is a mere human baby.

The wise men recognized as well, that this baby was a helpless human without the ability to fight back the men ready to brutally and cowardly use their physical strength and advantage in carrying out Herod’s selfish orders to kill babies for the sake of continuing Herod’s comfortable lifestyle and reign as powerful ruler.

If only we can recognize in the babies that are at risk of being aborted what the wise men could not deny: it would be murder for Herod to take the life of this God Baby they just met!

We can be the wise men of today, continually seeking him – him in the “image and likeness” in the helpless little babies at risk of being aborted. Will you be one of the wise men, still seeking him, today?