All-island Class of 1968 gives back to their alma maters

The All-Island Class of 1968 recently donated to the Academy of Our Lady of Guam’s Athletic Scholarship Fund. The All-Island Class of 1968 consisted of class members from the four high schools on Guam in 1968: Academy of Our Lady of Guam (AOLG), Father Dueñas Memorial School (FDMS), George Washington High School (GWHS), and John F. Kennedy High School (JFK). Kudos to the Class of 1968 in celebration of their yearlong 50th anniversary reunion and for their generous donations to help their alma maters. The AOLG Class of 1968 dedicated the donation to help a most needed Athletic Scholarship Fund for their alma mater.
Pictured in the front row from left to right are AOLG representative for All-island Class of 1968 Laling Pangelinan, AOLG president Sister Angela Perez, RSM, Class of 1964; overall coordinator for All-island Class of 1968 reunion from JFK Gloria W. Borja, and AOLG principal Mary A.T. Meeks, Class of 1969. In the back row are AOLG Class of 1968 members present, from left to right: Leling Merfalen, Judith P. Salas, Arlene Pangilinan, Bernadette Lou Sablan, Evelyn S. Leon Guerrero, Laura M. T. Souder, Lisa Bitanga, and Roseleen M. Brown; with JFK Class of 1968 members Terri Delos Reyes and Marissa Q. Mears. (Photo provided by Academy of Our Lady of Guam) Lad