AOLG Class of 1969 celebrates 50 Years

(Photo provided by Academy of Our Lady of Guam)

For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

The Academy of Our Lady of Guam Class of 1969 recently culminated their 50th reunion year- long celebration with Academy’s Class of 2019 at the school’s annual Senior Luncheon hosted by Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero from the AOLG Class of 1968 and held at Government House. Governor Leon Guerrero graciously welcomed her fellow alumnae and shared with the newest graduates her many adventures in life, which they as Academy graduates can also look forward to and achieve in the exciting years ahead. The golden jubilarians shared this special celebration reminiscing of their high school years and sharing their many experiences with the newest AOLG alumnae. The memorable luncheon proved to be an afternoon of many possibilities for both the golden jubilarians as well as the latest alumnae of the school.  Kudos to both the Class of 1969 and 2019 and a warm “un dang’kulo na si Yu’os ma’ase” to our “Maga’håga” (governor).

Pictured are some of the members of the Class of 1969 with AOLG administrators and the Honorable Lourdes Leon Guerrero, Governor of Guam. From left to right, front row: Selina Cruz Castro, Lourdes Perez Duenas, Lola Perez Reyes, AOLG president Sister Angela Perez ‘64, RSM; Rose Jean Anderson Mouloughney, Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero ’68, AOLG principal Mary Terlaje Meeks ’69, Rosalind Pereira Borja, Flora Baza Quan, Joyce Charfauros Bamba, and Barbara Blanton Jackson; at the back row: Sister Orlean Pereda, RSM; Frances Eclavea Torres, Bernadita Lujan Duenas, Rosario Edquilane Cahill, Teresita Perez Moore, Elizabeth Mendiola Claros, Lucille Baza Castro, Magdalena Diaz Atoigue, Irene Duenas Camacho, Josephine Perez Catahay, Barbara Lujan Camacho, MaryLou Garcia-Pereda, Maria Tenorio Santos, Arlene Perez Bordallo, Deborah Souder Freitas, Rose Franquez Brown, Bertha Sablan Duenas, and Marilen Diaz Artero. Not Shown: Evangeline Perez Cruz, Rosanna Perez Duenas, Bernadita Siongco Quitugua, Marlene Perez Sablan, and Julie Cepeda Smith.