Father Fran rejoices in the Lord for golden jubilee

Father Francis X. Hezel, SJ, more commonly known as Father Fran, became a priest on June 13, 1969 in Buffalo, New York and continued God’s work with his mission to shepherd the people in Micronesia. Celebrating his 50th sacerdotal anniversary with his brother priests, as seen here, Father Fran, center in gold vestments, presided during Mass June 8, 2019 at Santa Barbara Catholic Church in Dededo where he serves as parochial vicar. With grace, Father Fran concluded his homily reflecting upon the past 50 years, “So, on we go, together, as a single people stumbling now and then perhaps, but regaining our footing, always with the confidence in the one whose name we gather to become what we’ve been called to be: a light to the nations, a symbol of love and peace for all.” (USY photo/John Michael D. Pineda)