Making a leap of faith

Fr. Danny Ferrandiz

By Father Danny Ferrandiz
For the Umatuna Si Yu’os

For the church to be a dynamic reality, people’s faith has to grow, expand, and become transformative, not only in their lives, but also of the believing community. This process of growing in our relationship with God must be anchored on trust which sometimes entails leaping in the dark.

You might remember the scene from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” where Indiana (Harrison Ford) has to take the leap from the Lion’s Head when he was in the subterranean desert in search for the “Holy Grail.” His father was wounded and dying. The only thing that could save his life was the Holy Grail. If he could only drink from it then he’ll survive. But Indiana needed to pass several tests to get to the Holy Grail.

Indiana enters the area and reached the end where there is a void to get to the other side. He doesn’t see any pathway or bridge. He has to make a leap of faith. So, he closed his eyes and steps into the void and his feet lands on solid ground which was invisible at first. He then throws sands on it and then it became visible.

Was the bridge really meant to be invisible so that his “faith and trust” would be tested? I believe so. In the disciples’ life, something like that also happened.

In the Easter resurrection narratives, how many times did Jesus appear to his disciples and then vanished? Many times. He appeared with his friends in the upper room. He ate and drank with them. They touched his wounds and then he disappeared. Then, he appeared again to his disciples on the road to Emmaus. He made them recognize his presence in the breaking of the bread and then vanished from their sight.

That same dynamic relationship is also present in our lives. There are times that we feel God’s presence when life seems so good to us; then comes the darkness and God seems absent. Jesus even talks about this in the Gospel when he said, “now you see me but in a little while I will be gone. But I will remain with you.” Here, Jesus refers to the times when life will make us forget that he’s with us. And we need to see him with the eyes of faith. Jesus will ask us to trust him, and like Indiana Jones, we have to make a leap of faith in times when there seems to be no bridge ahead.

Trust is like that. In life, if the choice is between God and the world, we must choose to act for God even if we’re not certain of the outcome. That’s what Indiana Jones showed. He could have thought of other ways, but he had no time to even do that. What he had was the choice to make that step believing and trusting that there is something there. It wasn’t a forced belief. He knew in his heart that there was a bridge that his foot will be standing on.

In our lives, we know that there is a God who loved and died for us. That there is a God who rose from the dead for us. He is the “invisible bridge” of our life that has been there to catch us. We just have to believe in the “known God for the unknown future.” That is trust. That is a leap of faith. With the eyes of faith, it will change the way we see life and the way we do things. The truth remains that God is present in every moment, anywhere and everywhere. He reminds us to obey him, and he will be with us til the end (Mt 28:20).

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